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Can You Tickle a Plant? (As seen on AOL!)

By Micheal Mullen
February 27, 2009

Despite having no wires or batteries, touching a TickleMe plant proves to be electrifying.

While walking the floor of the International Toy Fair 2009, Mark Chipkin approached us with a simple question, “Ever see a plant move when you tickle it?” Intrigued, we walked over to his booth to see a little greenhouse that had several small pots of plants that looked like thin ferns. Expecting that he’d then pull out a dancing plant that laughed when you tickled it, Chipkin merely reached over to touch the fronds of the plant. When he let go, it moved! When he motioned for us to try, it moved again.

Brothers Larry and Mark Chipkin formed the TickleMe Plant Company to help kids and adults understand the science of growing plants and discover a part of nature they hadn’t seen before. Mark, a science teacher with an obvious love of nature, tells us that he grows his own vegetables and raises chickens that lay green and blue eggs… although it appears that the company has no plans to market the chickens or the eggs.

Known scientifically as the Mimosa pudica, the TickleMe plant is native to Brazil but can be found growing in the wild in some parts of the U.S. After soaking the seeds for 1-2 days and planting the seeds in the included soil pellets, it takes about two weeks to experience the tickle action. As a teacher-owned company, each kit includes a list of experiments that encourages kids to try with their plants. While scientific in nature, it also helps kids learn about how little changes can affect plants in profound ways. We still love our games but can easily see kids finding great joy in their TickleMe plants and bragging about something so fantastic, their friends will just need to see it for themselves.

The TickleMe Plant is already available at science museums, nature centers and educational retail outlets with a single mini-flower pot kit called the Mini-House/Party Favor with 10-20 seeds and a soil pellet for about $6 and a six mini-pot Greenhouse kit with 30-40 seeds and six soil pellets for about $22. Or you can check out more facts, pictures and purchase kits direct at ticklemeplant.com.



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Dec 192011
The Boys for the Web

Ever See a Plant MOVE When You TICKLE It?

September 5, 2007
For immediate release

Patterson, N.Y.

“Daddy come quickly, my plant is alive! It just moved its leaves and branches when I tickled it,” my daughter Rebecca exclaims from her room. You can imagine the excitement in my house because my daughter Rebecca had never seen any of our house or garden plants move, until her own TickleMe Plant™ surprised her. Not only did Rebecca see her plant move when she tickled it, but she also discovered that the leaves closed in the dark or cold temperatures. Rebecca observed that most often the TickleMe Plant™ returned to its original form in less than an hour, by lifting its fern-like branches and re-opening its leaves.

Larry Chipkin, co-owner of the TickleMe Plant Company (www.ticklemeplant.com ) says, “Growing your TickleMe Plant is as easy as one, two, three! We simply planted the sensitive plant seed in a flower pot filled with soil, watered it and placed the flower pot in a bright location. Our plant sprouted in 5 days! Two weeks later, we tickled our plant and watched in amazement as the TickleMe Plant™ closed its leaves and lowered its branches.” Now, two months later, my daughter and I are proud to announce that our TickleMe Plant™ has produced its first flower buds. We are excited again, as we await to see the beautiful, pink, puff ball flowers in bloom!

Don’t be surprised if after growing their own TickleMe Plants™, your children become more aware of plants and excited about gardening. TickleMe Plants™ are best grown year round as house plants and can be placed in a bright location outside during the warmer months. Bring them in before it gets cold, because they won’t tolerate the frost. TickleMe Plants™ can live for a year or more and grow to one foot or more in height.

The scientific name for the TickleMe Plant™ is Mimosa pudica. It also has been called shy plant, sensitive plant and other names, throughout the world.

The TickleMe Plant Company offers seeds and complete growing kits and educational materials for children, adults, teachers and students (from 5-105 years of age). Teachers from kindergarten through graduate school have used TickleMe Plants™ for their botany lessons. Products range in price from $4.95 for seeds to $69.99 for a kit with all the supplies necessary for a class of thirty students to grow their own plants.
To learn more about growing TickleMe Plants™ or to order seeds or complete growing kits, go to www.TickleMePlant.com . Visit this website for a video of the Tickleme Plant™ in motion, free educational activities, a cartoon, science teacher developed lesson plan ideas and a 100% Guarantee. Shipping is available nationwide.

TickleMe Plant growing kits also can be found at The Museum of Science in Boston, Liberty Science Center in New Jersey, as well as many other fine stores and online catalogs such as www.teachersource.com and www.scientificsonline.com . TickleMe Plants™ are great for science fair projects and holiday gifts, any time of the year!

Larry Chipkin is Co-Owner of the TickleMe Plant™ Company. Larry says, “My daughter Rebecca and I love our TickleMe Plants and want every child to have this positive growing experience.

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Dec 192011

Help Your Child Get Excited About and Appreciative of Plants and Nature!

Pawling, N.Y.

Earth Day 2008 – The TickleMe Plant Company will send a packet of TickleMe Plant® seeds to one hundred people, selected randomly, who respond to this question, “What are three or more reasons why plants are important to the health of Planet Earth and Its Inhabitants?”  Send your email response in the form of words, pictures, poems, etc to: customerservice@ticklemeplant.com or mail a letter to: Earth Day Contest, TickleMe Plant Company, 60 Hurds Corner Road, Pawling, N.Y 12564.  Be sure to visit www.TickleMePlant.com to learn about the TickleMe Plant.

“We are offering this contest because we want kids to become sensitive to and aware of the importance of plants. In addition, we love seeing how excited kids get the first time they tickle their plant and it moves!” says Larry Chipkin –President of the TickleMe Plant Company. Everyone is a winner, as all entries and letters with email addresses will be emailed a two dollar discount coupon. Winners will be informed on or before Earth Day April 22, 2008. Some responses will be posted on the website.

In addition, The TickleMe Plant Company will donate 1% of all 2008 profits to The Nature Conservancy’s program to save the rainforest called “Adopt an Acre®.”

What is a TickleMe Plant?

Native to Brazil, they can be found there and in other tropical areas, growing in the wild. The scientific name for the TickleMe Plant is Mimosa pudica.
“You simply plant the seeds in one of our growing kits or a flower pot with soil, water it and the plants will sprout in days,” says Larry Chipkin. Two weeks later, you can tickle this very sensitive plant and watch in amazement as the plant closes its leaves and lowers its branches. Then, usually within 15 minutes, it lifts its fernlike branches and re-opens its leaves. TickleMe Plants can be grown any time of the year, as an indoor houseplant. They also can produce pretty pink fluffy flowers!

About The TickleMe Plant Company

Mark Chipkin, Educational Project Director says, “We want every child (and those young at heart) to have a positive experience growing plants. Growing the TickleMe Plant from seeds is an adventure children (5 to 105) will never forget.”
All TickleMe Plant products are easy to grow, no green thumb needed! Thousands of teachers and students (K-Graduate School) have grown their own TickleMe Plants. The TickleMe Plant product line includes: packets of seeds, complete growing kits with soil pellets and greenhouses with flower pots.  The seed packets retail for $4.95 plus shipping at www.TickleMePlant.com

For more information, cool experiments and activities, visit www.TickleMePlant.com. TickleMe Plant products are available throughout the continental United States. They make great gifts and party favors for all occasions. They can be found at science museums, nature centers, stores and catalogs that offer educational products which excite youngsters about science, gardening and nature. TickleMe Plants also are sold on line at web stores, such as Educational Innovations, Edmund Scientific, and eNasco.

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