TickleMe Plant Party Favors


Item# MH TickleMe Plant Party Favors

See the Video of the TickleMe Plant Moving – **CLICK HERE**

Tired of the same old throw away party favors? Want to give your guests something they will always remember?

TickleMe Plant Party Favors are  perfect for Birthdays, Weddings or any other fun occasion or Holiday.

Send each guest home with everything they need to grow their own TickleMe Plant or plant them together at the party.

TickleMe Plant Party Favors or Plant Science Fair Kits! Each Party Favor contains: 1 TickleMe Plant Seed packet (Mimosa pudica), 1 reusable mini-greenhouse (recycled plastic). 1 plastic mini flower pot, 1 soil pellet, Easy To Grow Instructions. Only $6.50! – mini-greenhouse size 5″ x 3″ x 2.5″. (*Due to small parts, the mini-greenhouse is not recommended for children under 5 years old.) (Plant not included) Only $6.50 for one and the more you buy the less you pay per Party Favor! SEE BELOW                            GUARANTEED to GROW and MOVE when TICKLED!

Growing a TickleMe Plant is a wonderful family activity!


Item# MH TickleMe Plant Party Favors

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Price:$6.50 for one
6 or more:$5.00 each
12 or more:$4.90 each
18 or more:$4.80 each
24 or more:$4.70 each
30 or more:$4.60 each
36 or more:$4.50 each
42 or more:$4.40 each
48 or more:$4.30 each
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