Can You Tickle a Plant

Can You Tickle a Plant? (As seen on AOL!) By Micheal Mullen February 27, 2009 Despite having no wires or batteries, touching a TickleMe plant proves to be electrifying. While walking the floor of the International Toy Fair 2009, Mark Chipkin approached us with a simple question, “Ever see a plant move when you tickle [...]

Ever See a Plant MOVE When You TICKLE It

Ever See a Plant MOVE When You TICKLE It? September 5, 2007For immediate release Patterson, N.Y. “Daddy come quickly, my plant is alive! It just moved its leaves and branches when I tickled it,” my daughter Rebecca exclaims from her room. You can imagine the excitement in my house because my daughter Rebecca had never [...]

Helping Children Appreciate Nature

Help Your Child Get Excited About and Appreciative of Plants and Nature! Pawling, N.Y. Earth Day 2008 – The TickleMe Plant Company will send a packet of TickleMe Plant® seeds to one hundred people, selected randomly, who respond to this question, “What are three or more reasons why plants are important to the health of [...]