TickleMe Plant Company, Inc.

Top Ten Reasons You Would Want to Grow a TickleMe Plant

  1. TickleMe Plants are the only plants that will close their leaves and lower their branches when tickled!
  2. Everyone who sees a TickleMe Plant move, SMILES!
  3. TickleMe Plants have cotton candy like PINK flowers
  4. TickleMe Plants are a great first PET! 
  5. TickleMe Plants can be grown year round indoors.
  6. TickleMe Plants will open their leaves when the sun rises and close them when they set.
  7. Your friends and family will love tickling their plants. Order a kit now! 
  8. A great way to excite others about plants and nature.
  9. TickleMe Plants sprout in days.
  10. You will remember this growing experience forever and never look at plants the same way!