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GROW the ONLY House and Garden Plant that MOVES…. When You Tickle it…..and you’ll never look at plants in the same way!    

As seen on the TODAY Show and USA TODAY with OVER ONE MILLION Views on YouTube!   Thank You :-)

 Birthday Gift or Party? Click VIDEO BELOW to See a TickleMe Plant in ACTION!


Large Party or Corporate/School Events

We will customize a package that can contain seed packets imprinted with  YOUR Company Name HERE. 

Tickle Me Plant front seed packet compliments of your company name copy

Contact Larry@TickleMePlant.com 

(Call for imprinting quotes -1000 seed packet minimum)

or call 845-350-4800

Here are a few of the Corporations and Organizations that  have celebrated using TickleMe Plant Products at their events:

NYC Department of Education,   L’Oreal, The Grupe Companies, Botanical Gardens,  Library and After School Programs, Yale University, Party Favors, Give-Aways in Goodie and Party Bags

We will gladly share our 50 Years of Experience growing TickleMe Plants with your Event Planner, at no extra charge! 


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