TickleMe Plant Company, Inc.

TickleMe Plant seed packets ( Mimosa pudica) grow this very sensitive and shy plant at home.

TickleMe Plant Seed Packets (2) " Great Birthday Party Giveaway!

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GROW the ONLY House and Garden Plant that MOVES…. When You Tickle it…..and you’ll never look at plants in the same way!  

This bundle of TickleMe Plant seed packets contains 2 seed packets

Each seed packet contains 10-20 Seeds (Mimosa pudica)

Each bundle contains 10 fun experiment ideas

  • Unique Party Giveaway Gift that will make everyone SMILE! Easy to mail with just a stamp and envelope.
  • Grows Indoors any time of the year! Includes 10 fun ideas to do with your TickleMe Plant Amazing, Educational and Fun
  • Adult TickleMe Plant can produce sparkling pink flowers! If you like nature, plants and or science you will love growing a TickleMe Plant at home!

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