Why Buy From Us?


It is easy and fun to grow your own TickleMe Plant! Your Pet TickleMe Plant seeds will sprout in 3-5 days using the specific supplies and instructions we provide with all of our products. We have the largest variety of TickleMe Plant products on the web, which includes: growing kits, party favors, gift boxes, classroom kits, specialized soil pellets and The TickleMe Plant Care Book. Tell us what you want! We produce custom packages for, large parties, corporate events with hundreds or thousands of participants.  - About us!

 - We specialize in only TickleMe Plant seeds.

- We select the freshest, highest quality seeds.

- We process our seeds with a proprietary technique to ensure that seeds sprout quickly.

- We 100% guarantee plants to grow AND move when tickled.

- Most of our products are made from recycled and biodegradable materialsand they can be reused over and over again.

- We ship within 24-48 hours with very low shipping charges.

- We have a Plant Doctor to help you with any TickleMe Plant growing questions, free of charge.

- We are an educational seed company. Our products were developed by teachers.

- We are dedicated to helping children learn about the importance of plants in our environment.

- We donate 1% of all profits after taxes to The Nature Conservancy’s program, ‘Adopt an Acre’®, to save the rain-forest. Click here to Adopt an Acre®

- We will customize the number of seed packets, flower pots, grow kits, etc. just for you or your party – Contact us!







TickleMe Plants are Highlighted as a Finalist for Entrepreneur.com’s Indie Merchant Holiday Gift Guide 2012

 - The TickleMe Plant® was selected as a National Gardening Association’s Favorite Product of the Year 2008/2009.