Growing Tips

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Growing Tips!

Here are some suggestions that can help your TickleMe Plants grow and stay healthy.

Getting Started:

1.  Placing your seeds in a container of very hot water (with parent’s help) over night and then planting them will help them sprout faster. You can experiment with this.
2.  Flower pots or cups can be covered with clear plastic wrap, but the clear wrap must be removed as soon as your TickleMe Plant™ begins to grow.
3.  If you cover any of your containers with clear wrap, DO NOT put them in direct sunlight until you remove the plastic wrap.
4.  Cool temperatures will prevent your TickleMe Plant™ from starting to grow leaves. Put them in a room with temperatures between 70° and 85° Fahrenheit.
5.  Do not over water or allow the soil to dry out.
6.  If temperatures are kept between 70° and 85° Fahrenheit, young TickleMe Plants™ can sprout in less than 7 days. However, if temperatures are lower, it may take 21 to 30 days for your TickleMe Plants™ to sprout.Once your TickleMe Plants have popped up above the soil:
7.  Place your baby TickleMe Plants™ in a warm and bright or partially sunny location (the clear wrap or greenhouse cover must be removed at this time).
8.  TickleMe Plants™ can be kept outside during times when the temperature does not fall below 65°. Put them outside for half an hour at first and increase time gradually each day.
9.  Fertilize your TickleMe Plants™ in the spring and summer.
10. Frost will kill your TickleMe Plants™ so bring them inside once the temperatures drop below 65° or the leaves will turn yellow and fall off.
11. Need more help with growing your TickleMe Plant™? First check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have additional questions, you can contact the Plant Doctor!

*Due to small parts, the mini- greenhouse is not recommended for children under 5 years old. Directions For Your TickleMe Plant Greenhouse: are found on the bottom of the plastic sleeve in the Greenhouse.


Winter and Fall Indoor Tips:

1.   Place your seeds in hot water to soak for at least one day.
2.  You can experiment with some of your seeds by leaving them in the water for two or three days. You may see them start to sprout while in the water.
3.  Gently place your seeds barely under the soil, about 1/8 of an inch deep.
4.  Gently water or mist the soil. Keep your soil moist but not overly wet. Flower pots or pellets should not be sitting in water.
5.  Keep the seeds and soil in the sunniest and warmest location possible. Keep the temperature as close to 70 degrees or above.
6.  You can try this with some of your plants: to add warmth and humidity when not using a TickleMe Plant™ Greenhouse or Grow Kit, put a plastic bag over the top of your flower pots to keep in moisture and warmth; when doing this, make sure they don’t overheat in the direct sunlight.
7.  The first leaves should sprout in about a week (these are not ticklish). However, even these small TickleMe Plant™ sprouts will begin “sleeping” at night, by closing their leaves.
8.  In several weeks, the TickleMe Plant™ sprout will grow and move when they are tickled. Expect your plants to grow slowly during the winter season and to grow rapidly once the spring arrives!