Experiments you can do with YOUR TickleMe Plants!  

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Once you have several small TickleMe Plant™ leaves, you can try some of the following experiments, activities and observations:

1. How does the TickleMe Plant™ react to the touch of: your finger, your hair, an ice cube, a toothpick, your breath?
2. Do TickleMe Plants™ show sleep behavior? Observe your TickleMe Plants™ for folding down of their leaves and stems at night.
3. Will TickleMe Plants™ bend towards the sun? How long does it take?
4. Will fertilizing TickleMe Plants™ make them grow faster than not fertilizing them?*
5. Try to catch the movements of the TickleMe Plant™ on video.
6. Create your own poem, cartoon, photos, videos, story or song about the TickleMe Plant™! Share them with family and friends. We’d love to hear and see them too! Send them to: Customerservice@TickleMePlant.com

** Purchased TickleMe Plant Seeds and need help with a Science Project Idea? You are welcome to Email the Plantdoctor@TickleMePlant.com

Record any of the following:

1. How fast does a TickleMe Plant™ grow?
2. How long does the TickleMe Plant™ take to go back to normal, after it is tickled?

Tip: *Make sure your experiment is a fair one. When doing experiments where you compare different TickleMe Plants™ or conditions (variables), try to have each TickleMe Plant™ receive the same temperature, amount of light, and water. The only thing you change between plants is the condition (variable) that you are testing.