Cool Facts

Cool Facts About the TickleMe Plant  

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Did you know…..?

  • The TickleMe Plant has also been called the “Plant that plays dead”, “Shy Plant”, “Humble Plant”, “Sleeping Grass”, “Touch-Me-Not”, “Noli Me Tangere” , “Sensitive Plant” and “Modest Princess.”
  • Mimosa pudica is its scientific name.
  • TickleMe Plants are native to some tropical regions.
  • TickleMe Plants can grow beautiful pink flowers after several months (usually during the summer.)
  • TickleMe Plants can grow several feet tall and wide.
  • Scientists are not exactly sure what causes the TickleMe Plant’s movements.
  • Seeds of the TickleMe Plant have been known to still germinate (grow) after 19 years.
  • Maybe you can help them discover why these movements occur!